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Data Structures: Primer and C++The book, Data Structures: Primer and C++ (ISBN 978-988-19144-1-4) by S.K.Srivastava is a self explanatory text on the usage of data structures in the programming language C. The author has divided his book into four parts. The first part discusses data structures such as lists, queues, stacks, etc., which are often used in programming languages to store information about an object or collection of objects that can be accessed quickly and easily. The second part of the book explains the usage of linked lists which help in storing data, and also in maintaining the order. The book also explores various problems that can occur due to such a problem as de-linked list pointing to objects that are not found.The third part of the book is all about using trees for storing information and solving certain problems related to these trees. Such trees include: B-Trees, Red-Black Trees, DTLB (Difference Trees and Lanham's Algorithm) and Binary Search Trees (BST). Different functions that can be used with trees are defined at this point. The fourth part of the book is all about searching for data in trees. The various ways in which these can be done include: Binary search, Modified binary search etc.This book is used as the reference material for students at IIT Kharagpur for their second year TCS. "Data Structures Primer C++" (ISBN-13: 978-1-56834-069-7) by SK Srivastava (published by Tata Mcgraw Hill Education Publ.) is an excellent text book on Data Structures in C++. It starts with a brief introduction to C++11 and Data Structures. From the get go, it covers data structures such as Linked Lists, Linked Lists with B-Trees for fast search and pointers. It then talks about Trees and Binary Search Trees. It then introduces Binary Search Trees in depth and discusses performances e.g in terms of time complexity. It also discusses the different uses of BST in Practical Application in Words & Pictures(with performance comparisons). It then finishes with a discussion on C++11 Standard Library Classes like linked list, set, map etc., which are widely used in modern programming languages like Java,C# etc.. This book is a must have for data structures students, because it uses pointers and non-overloaded functions to explain data structures.1. Data Structures Primer C++ by SK Srivastava (published by Tata Mcgraw Hill Education)

"Introduction to Data Structures", by S K Srivastava (ISBN-13: 978-988-19144-6-5) is the first text on the subject of data structures in C. It was published in 2000. The book describes different kinds of data structures like linked lists, records, binary search trees etc.


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